Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cygnet is Proud to Announce ISTQB Affiliation

Cygnet, on 19th July, 2012 has been accredited as an Affiliate of ISTQB for its testing services. ISTQB is the International Software Testing Qualifications Board which is one of the largest certification bodies along with the Indian Testing Board. It has issued over 2,00,000 certifications in more than 70 countries world-wide, with approximately 10,000 new certifications being issued per quarter.

Cygnet, as an Affiliate of ISTQB is now qualified to participate and collaborate with the Indian Testing Board and can also exchange information related to software testing with it. With ISTQB certification, Cygnet will also get benefits such as:
  • Conduct certification examinations on its premises for more than 15 Testers
  • Participate in various national and international conferences by getting discounts on registration fees
  • Get acquainted with the most popular testing certification in the world
With ISTQB affiliation, Cygnet is now more competent and power-packed to provide quality and reliable testing services to clients within standardized framework.

Cygnet is proud to achieve this partnership. All the team members of Cygnet are quite happy to see their company recognized with such valuable certifications and accreditations.

Cygnet Infotech provides various testing services to clients for their total SDLC requirements with its independent testing unit called Testing Whiz. It has significant experience in conducting variety of software testing activities like manual testing, performance testing, automation testing, application testing as well as mobile testing.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Cygnet Creates Awareness on Global Warming with an iPhone Game

With a view to spread awareness about saving environment, Cygnet’s bright mobility team developed a gaming app for IPhones. Since the application is about saving the environment, it is named as ‘The Rescue’
‘The Rescue’ game has a wonderful theme of developing a city from scratch using resources like food, coins and wood. In the game, the player has to construct various amenities and assets like Stock House, Factory, Power Plant, Public Transport, University, etc which leads to pollution and global warming in the environment. And, in order to reduce them, the player has to plant trees and forests in the city and restore environmental balance. Thus the game is about keeping perfect environmental balance along with industrial development.
The game displays bars of pollution and global warming and also shows the level of resources available with the player. The player has to keep these bars of global warming and pollution at bare minimum level by proper utilization of resources and plantation of trees. Once these bars reach maximum level, the game ends. In a nutshell, the player in the game has to rescue environment from the vices of pollution and global warming.

Here follows some detailed highlights of the ‘The Rescue’ which Cygnet’s mobility team developed with its unparalleled grip in mobile application development.

  • Developed on iPhone 3.1.3 version and Objective C language
  • Includes complete instructions for users
  • Displays usage of coins, food and wood so that players can use them discreetly while developing City
  • Alerts users in case of rising pollution levels while development of city
  • Adds up scores at every level and maintains records of Best Scores made

With this game, the player gets tough challenge to maintain rights balance in the eco-system. Through ‘The Rescue’, Cygnet imparts players with great sense of responsibility towards environment.

By developing this IPhone app, Cygnet has proved it can convert any sort of ideas and visualization into smartest app using its expertise on latest mobile technologies.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Sneak-Peek of SharePoint 15

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most widely used platform for collaboration and document management. The current version of SharePoint i.e. SharePoint 2010 which was released 2 years back is now being used by 65 million users across the globe. From this, it is implied how SharePoint is popular with organizations when it comes to collaboration, managing communications, documents, and content.

SharePoint 2010 is an improved version of SharePoint 2007 which lacked many functionalities and features. There features are now added in SharePoint 2010 to provide better experience to users. However, the 2010 version also has started showing its age and clouds of shortcomings and critics have also started surfacing over the time. Among the shortcomings, experts say that SharePoint 2010 has only simple social-networking features, weak support for smartphones and tablets, and requires considerable expansion for customized apps. Moreover, despite having significant advances in business intelligence (BI), SharePoint 2010 still lacks improved integration with back-end systems. To address these issues, Microsoft is planning to release a better version of SharePoint namely SharePoint 15 by the end of this year or first quarter of 2013.
The new SharePoint is expected to have improved functionalities in terms of development and integration. Besides this, SharePoint 15 is going to include many more intelligent features which will evolve collaboration and document management function.

Here’s a sneak-peek of SharePoint15 which is still in the pipeline.

The new SharePoint will include:
  • Client Object Model (COM), to help UI designers and front-end developers in developing compelling visual interfaces
  • App store or App Marketplace which will support multi-tenant installation to make applications available to several customers
  • SharePoint Education module for educating users
  • Workflow looping in SharePoint Designer to eliminate the need for Visual Studio development environment
  • OAuth 2.0 to provide cross-platform authentication
  • Minimal Download Strategy to help websites consume less bandwidth than sites with traditional technologies
  • SharePoint Online with functions like Apple IPad support, Metro Style Interface, Rights Management Services, Web apps
These are all the features which will grace SharePoint15. Along with the above features, one will also see better social networking interface, improved mobile support and integration facilities.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cygnet Organizes Health Check-Up Camp for its Employees

With an intention to promote staff health and encourage fitness among them, Cygnet Infotech organized Health & Wellness Check-up Camp on 13th July, 2012 at both its Corporate as well as Regional Office. The camp was organized in association with ICICI Lombard which assisted in conducting various medical tests for Cygnetians. The health & wellness camp organized by Cygnet included tests for
  • BMI
  • BP Measurement
  • Diabetes
  • Spinal Cord Check-up
  • Dental Check-up
  • Eye Check-up
The camp was started parallel at both the offices at 11am. All the employees at Cygnet were quite enthusiastic to find out how healthy they were. The management recorded an overwhelming response from employees with 82% registration. Cygnetians completed all the tests and the camp ended successfully at 4pm.

All the employees feel proud and encouraged since Cygnet with this event, showcased how important its employees are and how it cares for their health and wellness.

Cygnet wishes to provide continuous wellness and quality of work life to its employees and foster healthy workplace for employees with many more such events in future. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cygnet Completes a 3 Days Challenge in 2 Days

Cygnet Infotech has customized and developed various solutions for one of its most valued client based in USA who deals in providing online faxing solutions. Cygnet has been working with this client since 2009. The client has outsourced many projects till now in multiple technologies which Cygnet has fulfilled with complete zeal and dedication. The advance level of trust in Cygnet’s capability by the client has nurtured a strong outsourcing relationship which is why Cygnet is always on its toes to fulfill his demand. With the same level of confidence in Cygnet’s expertise, the client had recently given a project with a stringent deadline of 3 days.

This time, the client wanted to integrate an application in the Electronic Payment System for filling customer’s credit card information. The requirement of the client was quite urgent since his list crossed thousand and he required to feed their credit card information in the system. Therefore, he required to expand User Roles of the system so that more sales and admin staff could access the system and complete the task quickly.

Cygnet’s Java team, with powerful grip on Groovy & Grails technology developed the solution to expand User Roles in the system. The best part is, with very abstract information available, Cygnet managed to complete the project just within 2 days.
To develop the solution, Cygnet introduced more functionality by enhancing the application. This led to the creation of new roles in the system which helped client in allowing more sales and admin persons to fill customer’s credit card information into the system. Moreover, the integrated application also included functions of Refund and Charges which helped in processing customer’s credit card transaction from the system more accurately.

Overall, Cygnet successfully helped the client in meeting his requirement of feeding customer’s credit card information into the system within strict deadline which made him very happy. He appraised Cygnet’s efforts by saying

“This is great.  I’m going to pass this to QA. Thanks for working very hard on this”

“Thanks for the quick turnaround”

Cygnet’s is overwhelmed with such an appreciation and wishes to continue same efforts for all its future projects.

Student of Cygnet Training Center Gets Nominated for IT Awards

Cygnet Training Center, a division of Cygnet Infotech is proud to proclaim the nomination of its student Himanshu Shah, in one of the most renowned IT Awards - Devang Mehta IT Awards which is conducted by NASSCOM's Regional Council along with Gujarat Government, Gujarat Technological University, Dewang Mehta Foundation on 6th August, 2012. The award will be given for the best technicality and presentation skills in the project.

Himanshu Shah has been nominated among top 3 students from his college, Charotar Institute of Technology situated in Changa near Ahmedabad. Cygnet Training Center has helped him in developing the project on Batch Scheduler, a system to help organization in managing candidates, projects and resources. The project mentor Mr. Ashish Pal Singh (Java and Android Trainer at Cygnet Training Center) has provided complete training on Java technology to help him develop the project from scratch. Through this project, he helped Himanshu in showcasing how Batch Scheduler helps in bridging gaps between a candidate and a trainer and enable trainer to get correct status of each candidate under him. The project is said to have been meeting all the criteria of technicality, presentation, innovation, social impact, implementability, originality and scalability.

After getting nominated for the project developed at Cygnet, Himanshu is very thankful and has expressed deep gratitude towards the whole team Cygnet Training Center by saying

“I am privileged to have undergone training here at CTC. The quality training was imparted professionally and in a friendly atmosphere, which in my view was most important. The effort from the trainers to make us gain every bit of curriculum was pushing us to give 100% from our side. Every possible support to the student is extended here. This has immensely helped us to understand the subject and enriching our overall knowledge.”

Cygnet is looking forward to help many such more students in their IT skills and projects and get appreciated and renowned for its first-rate training in computer technologies and language.